About the Forgiveness Mission

In 2018, while working with Veterans and seeing an abnormal hike in suicides, Calida Jevon was given a vision and idea to have a Forgiveness Workshop. The FIRST workshop was held in a Library in the Southside of Chicago.

How did we start?

Where are we now?

The Forgiveness Workshop is based on the fundamentals of the 4 pillars (Forgiveness of Self, Forgiveness of Others, Forgive the World, and Forgiveness & Wellness). In 2022, we grew from having a Forgiveness Workshop to transitioning to the Forgiveness Mission. The Forgiveness Mission aims to provide vital tools and strategic ways that will help individuals forgive and release the things that are holding them back through a research-based step-by-step forgiveness process. Forgiveness Mission will be known globally, for its impact on the world.

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